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Tutorial: How to install lslplus or lslforge for eclipse IDE (3.7.1) 如何安裝lslplus或lslforge

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LSL stands for Lindin Script Language. There are some alternative editors.

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This tutorial is for lslplus, but now this project is deprecated. A folk project lslforge is recommended.

這份教學講的是lslplus,不過這個專案已經停擺了,有個folk project叫lslforge,建議用這個。

  1. Install and Open up Eclipse IDE. If you're going to code LSL only. Please download "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers" version.

    安裝Eclipse IDE,如果你只會拿來寫LSL,那就下載C/C++版

  2. Copy update site URL. (pick one from lslplus sites. or copy URL of this for lslforge)


  3. in Eclipse IDE, Go to [Help > Install New Software...]

    在Eclipse,開選單 Help > Install New Software...

  1. Paste the URL to the "Work with" and press [Enter]

    把剛才的URL貼到Work with那個文字框,按Enter

  2. After a while, It will shows up a message: There are no categorized items.

    讀取一段時間後,他應該會告訴你:There are no categorized items.

***** Important *****

  1. Un-check the "Group items by category"
    這裡是重點:把Group items by category選項取消

  1. It shows up the plugins

  1. Select the OS you're using. I selected "Lslplus_part_macosx_x86"


  2. While installing, it requires you to accept license, and trust the unsigned plugin.

    安裝當中,他會要求你同意license,以及要選「信任」這個unsigned plugin.

  3. You're done!



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